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Adopt don't shop

It's really quite contagious !

We'd love to be your Pawtner !

We are happy to add your shelter to the shelter cards in the web store. Simply send us an e-mail to [email protected] with your shelter contact info. It's just that easy! (Be sure to add us to your contacts so that when we reply we don't end up in your Spam folder)

Then make your supporters aware of us AND make sure they know if they see something they like and make a purchase, to put your shelter card in their cart at the same time. Then the 10% donation created but their sale is ear marked for you! From time to time we have special promotions and increase the donation percentage created by a purchase for a particular product.

You can announce this opportunity to create a donation in a flyer on your bulletin board, on your facebook page or in an e-mail to all of your followers and contributors.

If you would like, we could even design the artwork and e-mail it to you to print or use in an e-mail communication with your supporters.

Thank you for your interest!

Inga, Kali and JujuBee  

Welcome to Tavi & Friends


Special Note *** Our donations page is currently being updated to include the checks that were mailed in January 2017. Our Webstore has been closed since then due to family events. We are now in the process of opening back up and are excited to start creating more donations for all of our favorite pet shelters. Inga, Kali & JuJubee 08-01-2018

Our Fifth Donation Mailing - Pawsitively Purrrrfect!

Our Fourth Donation Mailing - We LOVE this part !

Our Third Donation Mailing - Writing Checks Rocks !

Our Second Donation Mailing - best part of the job!

Our Very First Donation Mailing!