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Adopt don't shop

It's really quite contagious !

Valentines Day Drawing

Ok Here we go! The girls and I are making all the kitty's and pups at shelters our Valentines. Any Valentine Kitty or Pup purchased between January 10th & February 10th (any zipper pull with a heart body qualifies) will generate a 20% donation. In addition, the purchase earns an entry in the drawing for the Valentine Kitty's In A Row Handmade Afghan, and a runner up will receive our first ever pair of kitty earrings!

Each packing slip for an order with a Valentines Kitty will have a number noted on it. If you come back for a 2nd order of Valentine pulls, you will receive a 2nd number. Keep track of the number/numbers. (Although I will have copies as well) In an effort to keep the winner as random as possible, the girls and I have decided that the winner will be chosen by the Power Ball Lotto Draw held on February 17th, 2015. The first number drawn will win the Valentine Kittys in a Row handmade Afghan (which will be washed and dried before packaging for shipment, we wouldn't want your kitty being upset by Kali's scent on your new blanket). If no one has the first number drawn in the Power Ball drawing on that date the winner will be the 2nd number drawn, and so on. Once the 1st prize winner is determined the next number drawn will determine the winner of our first ever pair of earrings. These earrings have top quality Sterling Silver wires with 4mm bicone crystals. We are very excited to be introducing a line of earrings later on in the Spring.

Find your favorite Kitty or Pup on the Zipper Jewelry Page then buy it in the Webstore!

It's that simple

Happy Valentines Day to all the kittys and the pups in animal shelters everywhere!

Our mission is to bring a little bit of whimsy into your lives with our line of Kitty zipper pulls, all hand crafted in Northern California. Replace any zipper pull with your favorite Meow zipper pull. Clip them easily to sweaters, jackets, coats, warm up suits, backpacks, purses, wallets, briefcases, key chains, cosmetic bags, luggage, computer cases and anything else that has a zipper.

So many times we've heard "Oh my Granddaughter will love this" or "This is for my mom, that's her favorite color". And this time of year, we've also heard "Stocking Stuffer" mentioned a time or two.

The best part is that 10% of all sales will be distributed between four animal shelters in California (See our Donation Policy Page) : 

Cat House on the Kings

Purebreds Plus Animal Rescue

Kitty Hill Foster Care

Redwood Coast Humane Society

If you have a preference, you can direct the 10% donation to the shelter of your choice! If you don't, the donation from your sale will be distributed equally between all four shelters.

So show off your love of kittys for all the world to see!

If you see something you like on the Zipper Jewelry page and are interested in ordering, simply click the "Web Store" link at the top of any page. When you find the kitty of your dreams, all you have to do is click on it and you will be given an "Add to Cart" button. Don't forget to click on your favorite shelter also, so you can add it to your cart! That way we know where to send the 10% donation your purchase generates.

Thank You For Visiting !