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Introducing Graceful Kittys

We are sooooo excited to introduce Graceful Kittys, our first line of Designer Kitty Pulls! All of the bodies for our Graceful Kittys feature Grace Lampwork Beads. Grace beads are all designed and individually handmade one at a time by designer Grace Ma and her staff in the San Francisco Bay Area. She uses Italian and German glass, and some designs are made of Boro glass. All her beads are kiln annealed for better strength. We think you will agree her designs are amazing! If you would like to see more of this amazing designers work, here is a link to her website:

Yes Graceful Kittys are a little more expensive at $24.99 but they are all truly one of a kind since no two Grace beads created are ever exactly the same. We have been told many times these are actually works of art.

And your purchase creates a shelter donation of $2.49!

Graceful Kittys measure approximately 3-1/2 inches


Blue Chaos

Artic Blue Floral

Boro Boro Boro


Herbal Garden

Siamese Cranberry


Siamese Sapphire Sea


Siamese Ravens


Sweet Baby Blue

Artic Blue Shimmer

Sweet Baby Blush

Fiesta Heart

Amethyst Treasure


Siamese Blush

Siamese BYS Foil

Siamese Pink Desert

TLB Twist

Cobalt Celestial

Mint Stardust

Champagne Party

Olive Stardust

Seashell Beach

Mirage Lake

Hot Lava Waves


Cranberry Treasure

Teal Stardust

Sweet Blue Stardust

Light Blue Stringer

BYS Foil.

Weave Bubble

Dakota Quilt

Zebra Kitty