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Adopt don't shop

It's really quite contagious !

Our Fifth Donation Mailing - Pawsitively Purrrrfect!

Our Fourth Donation Mailing - We LOVE this part !

Our Third Donation Mailing - Writing Checks Rocks !

Our Second Donation Mailing - best part of the job!

Our Very First Donation Mailing!

Donation Policy

We will be EXTREMELY transparent with our Donation Program! Depending on how busy we are with sales we will post the donation amounts created from those sales on this page and our Facebook page. If we are really busy we will send the donation and post the checks every 30 days. In slower periods we will send the donation and post the checks every 60 days, so the amount can accumulate and mean a little more when received. I love what I do and I love sharing it with all of you, but more than anything I love being able to create these donations through the sales on this site! After all, this all started because we were rescued by Kahleesi and JujuBee, it's only fitting that we do a little rescuing back.